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When renewal time comes along, most of us don’t want to be bothered shopping around for Carolina car insurance quotes from, not online or not anywhere. But that’s where we can help. We do the heavy lifting, the detail work—all you do is supply some initial details, hit a few keys, and presto!  You have the comparisons you need to make a decision about a carrier that fits your needs.


You’ll want to find one that is a good match for your specific needs and situation.  The backdrop to all of this is the question, “how risky a customer am I?”  That is because all carriers work on the basis of risk. High-risk drivers cost them money in claims paid out for accidents. While they’ll pay more for coverage, some may even be refused.  That’s why it behooves drivers to keep a clean record with few accidents and few moving violations. It is important to keep points off your license in order to keep premium costs low. Lower risk drivers are almost always going to find better deals.


Many car insurance deals

Speaking of deals, it is strategic and smart to check what kind of discounts you might qualify for, because these will help keep your rates affordable. This is especially true if you are a senior driver, always a more risky proposition. In that case, spending some hours taking a safe driving course designed for older drivers may qualify you for a better rate.


Coverage for teen drivers is notoriously expensive. However, that expense may be mitigated a bit if they have taken driver education courses or if they qualify for a good student discount. Of course, it is always smart to keep a driving record free of moving violations.


Safety features low car insurance cost

Vehicles with multiple safety features are also going to be less expensive to buy coverage for. Anti-lock brakes, rear view cameras, blind spot indicators all help prevent accidents and that is a good thing in the eyes of carriers.


If your habit is to submit a claim for every little thing, you might reconsider it. Having a clean claim history is going to help keep premium costs down because you are less of a risk to the carrier.


When it’s time to renew, consider bundling all your coverage with one company. Sometimes, discounts for combining coverage can be pretty significant and you won’t know until you ask about it.




Get California car insurance quotes now

It’s important to be able to compare different carriers and what they offer when you begin to get California car insurance quotes from Every carrier has its idiosyncrasies and you will want to find the very best match for your specific needs.


There are a few things, though, that you need to keep in mind.  First, it’s that bundling your coverage with a single carrier may be the best way to go. That’s because of discounts given for having multiple policies with one insurer.  Your business is valuable and that is a company’s way of showing you just how much. If you are letting your policy automatically renew, this would be the time to turn that option off. It doesn’t always work in your favor.


Loyalty car insurance discounts

If there’s a reason you don’t want to make a change, try telling your current carrier that you are looking around—and looking for discounts. They might cut your premium a bit just to keep you as a customer.


You may not know that bad credit affects what you pay. That is why it can be super-important to clean up a dirty credit history before you go looking.  Your driving record also plays a role. If you have a pending moving violation and can take a course to keep points off your record, it’s worth the time and money.


If your license has been revoked or suspended, you may have trouble getting covered. That’s another reason to do some serious comparison-shopping.


Binding period for car insurance

There is a binding period, usually 60 says, during which the carrier checks your credit, driving record, etc and decides if you are a good prospect. After that, they can refuse you.


Teen drivers can be expensive. They are a higher risk and you pay for that risk. But you could get a break if your child qualifies for a good student discount or if your teen takes a driver education course. That way, they can do their part to keep your rates lowers.


Senior drivers are also costly. There are mature driver courses that can help keep premiums low.


If your car has a good set of safety features, you’re going to pay lower premiums than if your car is older and doesn’t have as many.


Informing yourself of all your options is easy online, as is comparing all the different options so you can find the one that fits your circumstances.


Get Arizona car insurance quotes quickly

Quick and easy, that’s how we’d like to get Arizona car insurance quotes from No time consuming interviews and digging through complicated text and jargon. That’s what we do for you—we make it quick and easy to compare the offerings of different carriers so that you can find one that works for your needs and any special circumstances.


Bundle car insurance


You may find that combining all of your coverage under one carrier will give you an overall better price than having individual policies for everything. It is worth checking out, because in today’s world, there is no need to pay more than you have to.


On top of that, you may be able to get discounts—some that you have never even thought of. Again, that is something worth a follow-up, because it could mean big savings. For example, if one of your children is new to driving, you already know that they are expensive to cover.  Teen drivers don’t have enough experience to be skilled on the road and they are far more risky to cover than other age groups. They have more accidents than other age groups, too.


But if your teen is good in school, they may qualify for a good student discount offered by some companies. That is a real bonus to having good grades and a way your teen can help cover costs.  If his or her school offers driver education, it’s something he or she should take as it may reduce your premium, as well. If not, check into commercial courses they could take and what the impact would be on your costs.


Mature driver car insurance

Maybe you are a senior driver.  You may not realize that older drivers are also considered high risk, as their skills do decrease with age.  Thankfully, AARP and other groups offer safe driving courses for mature drivers and taking one of those will often qualify you for a discount on your premium.


If you are buying a new car, just that fact alone means it’s cheaper to cover. However, don’t miss the opportunity to choose every safety option you can because insurers love them and will often give you a significant break on your premium if you have them.


The most useful piece of information you can have is to remember that carriers are concerned with risk. The lower risk a consumer is, the more appealing he or she is to companies.

New Jersey home insurance quotes

How insurance fraud costs you


Here’s the picture: you are seeking affordable New Jersey home insurance quotes from and you are finding them to be higher than expected. Wondering why? The answer is simple. It is insurance fraud. Fraud costs consumers up to $700 more per policy because carriers have to make up their loss somehow.


The problem is that insurance scams are fairly easy to attempt. Lose your laptop? Maybe you did. But maybe you didn’t and said you did. It’s that easy. Of course, carriers do investigate, so there is risk involved in trying to scam a carrier and we would not advise it.


Some scammers have nerves of steel, but aren’t very smart. One woman took her fur to a storage facility, where it remained for a few years. When she came back to claim it, she insisted that the coat was not hers and that the facility and pulled a switch. The problem is that her name was stitched inside the coat. That thread proved that, yes, it belonged to her.  She wasn’t as smart as she thought she was.


It isn’t unusual for people to fake slips and falls. That is always a popular one with insurance scammers.  If you have this kind of hazard in your home do something about it, because there are valid falls, too.


You’d be surprised at the number of people who cut off small body parts to make claims on dismemberment insurance. Crazy, but fingers and toes cut off mean money in the bank to these people. Other set fires and try to pretend it was an accident.


A Texas man dug up a  body, dressed it in his clothes, arranged it in his car and set a fire to it. His wife was working with him. She filed a death claim on him. Of course, they were caught—it was too easy.


It is also tempting for some shop owners to report robberies or stolen goods that aren’t crimes at all. But security camera footage goes a long way to showing authorities the real situation.


So if you think you‘ve come up with the perfect crime, remember that carriers do look into suspected fraud thoroughly and in ways you might not have thought of.  You will probably get caught.


These scams costs the insurance industry over $50 billion each year and that loss is shown in your premium.